It's Pacquiao vs Margarito

After talks between the mega fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather epically failed. Because Mayweather has no intention of fighting Pacquiao as of the moment, it looks like Mayweather needs more rest or he's just afraid to lose his 0 loss to the Pacman, Yes Mayweather can go toe to toe with Pacquiao, but Pacquiao is a very dangerous fighter and has a very high chance to give Mayweather his first lost.

Just today Top Rank named Antonio Margarito as the next for Pacman on November 11, 2010. I think this would be a good fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley Live at Sopcast / TVU



Watch Mayweather vs Mosley Live at sopcast

Finally Floyd and Shane will face each other in the ring. But is it to late for this? I don't think so even though Shane Mosley is 38yrs old I think he still have enough gas in his tank to give Floyd Mayweather a hard time, Although in this fight Mayweather the arrogant that he is has the upper hand on this fight.

If this fight will reach the 12rd Mayweather has a chance to win the bout, thus Mosley should bring it on with Mayweather and pressure him to box in the early round, and the only way Shane can get a sure win is to KO Mayweather.

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